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Meet the President

Christopher Senegal is a degreed Civil Engineer.  His residential real estate experience began in 2008 as a single-family flipper and rental property owner.  In 2013 Chris started Invictus Development Group to focus on revitalizing disinvested communities.  He has been featured in several major news outlets for his efforts to bring moderately priced single-family development back to communities that once thrived, but now have a low-income housing focus.  His goal is to bring higher incomes back to these communities from the suburbs so that the neighborhoods become more attractive for businesses.  


The Company

Invictus Development Group focuses on a zero displacement model.  The approach is to only build new construction over abandoned, blighted, nuisance properties, or commercial properties that are prime for a change of use.  To balance the new construction, IDG also acquires existing portfolios of rental properties that have long term tenants, with a goal of making deferred maintenance improvements immediately.   


The key to zero displacements is keeping the rents affordable for the residents, as revitalization happens around them.   This rental model also has a commercial component that entails keeping the key components of historic commercial buildings, but renovating and repurposing their uses for low speculation business opportunities.


Invictus Development Group is a community-focused development company.  We seek to revitalize neighborhoods that once thrived while ensuring we are not creating displacement.  We create complete communities and bring higher incomes, businesses and jobs back where they are needed most.

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